Guess the Logo : 1334

Answer to Guess the Logo : 1334
Toys "R" Us Inc. (known for the TOYSЯUS logo), founded in 1948, is a dedicated toy and juvenile-products retailer headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, United States. The company operates more than 875 Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores in the United States, more than 625 international stores and over 140 licensed stores in 35 countries and jurisdictions. In addition, it exclusively operates the FAO Schwarz brand and its flagship location in New York City. It also operates a portfolio of e-commerce sites including,, and
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Guess the Logo : 1333

Hint: Plane maker
Answer to Guess the Logo : 1333
Dornier Flugzeugwerke was a German aircraft manufacturer founded in Friedrichshafen in 1914 by Claudius Dornier. Over the course of its long lifespan, the company produced many notable designs for both the civil and military markets.
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Guess the Logo : 1332

Hint: Stock Exchange
Answer to Guess the Logo : 1332
Japan Exchange Group, Inc. JPX) is an Asian financial services corporation that operates multiple securities exchanges including Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange. It was formed by the merger of the two companies on January 1, 2013.

It is the world's third largest (behind NYSE Euronext and NASDAQ OMX Group) and Asia's largest bourse.
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Guess the Logo : 1331

Hint: Sports
Answer to Guess the Logo : 1331
Prince Global Sports, LLC, based in Bordentown, New Jersey, is a manufacturer and distributor of racquet sports equipment, footwear and apparel for tennis, squash and badminton.

The company was founded in 1970 by Robert H. McClure of Princeton, New Jersey (hence the name Prince) as a manufacturer of tennis ball machines, and went on to manufacture racquets. Howard Head, founder of the Head Ski Company, took tennis lessons following his retirement (his company was acquired by AMF in 1969). He used one of the tennis ball machines made by Prince, but was frustrated by his slow improvement in the game. Head joined the company in the early 1970s and developed the company's signature oversized tennis racquet.
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Guess the Logo : 1330

Hint: Beauty products
Answer to Guess the Logo : 1330
Olay is an American skin care line. It is one of Procter & Gamble's multi-billion dollar brands.
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Guess the Logo : 1329

Hint: Personal care
Answer to Guess the Logo : 1329
Nivea is a global skin- and body-care brand that is owned by the German company Beiersdorf. The company was founded on March 28, 1882 by pharmacist Carl Paul Beiersdorf. In 1900, the new owner Oskar Troplowitz developed a water-in-oil emulsion as a skin cream with Eucerit, the first stable emulsion of its kind. This was the basis for Eucerin and later, Nivea. Nivea comes from the Latin word niveus/nivea/niveum, meaning 'snow-white'.

During the 1930s, Beiersdorf began producing products such as tanning oils, shaving creams, shampoo and facial toners. The trademark "Nivea" was expropriated in many countries following World War II. Beiersdorf completed buying back the confiscated trademark rights in 1997. During the 1980s, the Nivea brand expanded into a wider global market.

Nivea is known for using perfume in their products.
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Guess the Logo : 1328

Hint: Icelandic clothing brand
Answer to Guess the Logo : 1328
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Guess the Logo : 1327

Hint: Energy Drink
Answer to Guess the Logo : 1327
Monster Energy is an energy drink, launched by the Monster Beverage Corporation in 2002. The regular flavor comes in a black can with a green tear-shaped M logo, implied to have been torn by the claws of a "monster".[2] The company is also known for supporting many extreme sports events such as BMX, Motocross, skateboarding and snowboarding. In addition, Monster Energy promotes a number of music bands around the world, like Asking Alexandria, The Word Alive, Shinedown and Escape The Fate.

There are now 34 different drinks under the Monster umbrella in North America including its core Monster Energy line, Java Monster, Extra Strength, Import and Rehab.
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Guess the Logo : 1326

Hint: Fruit Drink
Answer to Guess the Logo : 1326
Minute Maid is a product line of beverages, usually associated with lemonade or orange juice, but now extends to soft drinks of many kinds, including Hi-C. Minute Maid is sold under Cappy brand in Central Europe and under Fruitopia in Germany.

Minute Maid was the first company to market orange juice concentrate, allowing it to be distributed throughout the United States and served year-round. The Minute Maid company is owned by The Coca-Cola Company, and is the world's largest marketer of fruit juices and drinks. The firm opened its headquarters in Sugar Land Town Square in Sugar Land, Texas, United States, on February 16, 2009; previously it was headquartered in the 2000 St. James Place building in Houston.
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