Guess the Logo : 1023

Hint: First Master Blaster was employed here.
Answer: Nirlon
Sunil Gavaskar was employed here.

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Guess the Logo : 1022

Hint: Car company
Answer: Great Wall Motor Company Limited
Great Wall Motor Company Limited (SEHK: 2333) is a Chinese automobile manufacturer formed in 1976. The company is named after the Great Wall of China. As of 2010, it is China's largest SUV producer.

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Guess the Logo :1021

Hint: One of the largest employers in the world.

Coal India Limited (CIL) (BSE: 533278, NSE: COALINDIA) is an Indian state-controlled coal mining company headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, India and the world's largest coal miner with revenue exceeding INR60,245 Crore (FY2010-11). It was formerly owned entirely by the Union Government of India, under the administrative control of the Ministry of Coal. It is involved in coal mining and production industry. In April 2011, CIL was conferred the Maharatna status by the Union Government of India and ranked as one of India's most valuable company by market value.

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Guess the Logo : 1020

Hint: Home Loan
Answer: Countrywide Financial Corporation

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Guess the Logo :1019

Hint: Exchange
Answer: The New York Mercantile Exchange
The New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) is a commodity futures exchange owned and operated by CME Group of Chicago. NYMEX is located at One North End Avenue in the World Financial Center in the Battery Park City section of Manhattan, New York City. Additional offices are located in Boston, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, San Francisco, Dubai, London, and Tokyo.
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Guess the Logo : 1018

Hint: A 'Royal' owns this company.
Answer: Duchy Originals from Waitrose
Duchy Originals from Waitrose (Formerly Duchy Originals) is a brand of organic food sold mainly in Waitrose stores in the United Kingdom, but also in Booths supermarkets and small independent stores. The Duchy Originals company was originally set up by Charles, Prince of Wales, in 1990 and named after the Duchy of Cornwall estates that are held in trust by the Prince of Wales. In September 2009, it was announced that a new arrangement had been agreed with Waitrose, this came into effect from August 2010 when products were relaunched along with a number of new lines under the Duchy Originals from Waitrose brand. This was as a result of an exclusive agreement between the two organisations. From the brand's inception in 1990, Waitrose had been its largest customer. Prior to September 2009, a selected range of Duchy Originals products had been widely available in most major UK supermarkets.

In September 2009 it was announced that Duchy Originals had agreed an exclusive deal with Waitrose, for Waitrose to originate, manufacture, distribute and sell Duchy products within the UK, whereby Waitrose plan to expand the current range of around 200 products to around 500, and will continue the tradition of donating royalties to charity. It was also stated that Charles, Prince of Wales would continue his involvement with the brand.

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Guess the Logo : 1017

Hint: Cod Lever oil
Answer: Seven Seas Ltd
Seven Seas Ltd is a supplier of vitamins, minerals and supplements in the UK and abroad. It began in 1934 when a group of trawler owners in Hull formed a co-operative venture called British Cod Liver Oil (BCLO) Producers to exploit one of the fishing industry's most valuable by-products.
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Guess the Logo : 1016

Answer: Google Play
Google Play is a digital content service from Google which includes an online store for music, movies, books, and Android apps and games, as well as a cloud media player. The service is accessible from the web, mobile app Play Store on Android, and Google TV. Purchased content is available across all of these platforms/devices. Google Play was introduced in March 2012 when Google rebranded its predecessor Android Market and Google Music services.
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Guess the Logo : 1015

Hint: Non-Stick
Answer: Teflon
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene that finds numerous applications. The most well known brand name of PTFE is Teflon by DuPont Co.

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Guess the Logo : 1014

Hint: Yes. Its a logo.
Answer: Wolff Olins
Wolff Olins is a brand consultancy, based in London, New York City and Dubai. Founded in 1965, it now employs 150 designers, strategists and account managers, and has been part of the Omnicom Group since 2001.
The company specializes in developing brand experiences, creatively-led business strategies, and visual identity systems and has worked in sectors including Technology, Culture, Retail, Energy & Utilities, Media, and Non-profit.

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Guess the Logo : 1013

Answer: Virgin Mobile
Virgin Mobile is a brand used by many mobile phone service providers across the globe; its headquarters are based in the United Kingdom. Virgin Mobile has local operations in Australia, Canada, Chile, France, India, South Africa, Greece, United Kingdom and the United States. It briefly also had operations in Singapore and Qatar. The international Virgin Mobile businesses each act as independent entities, usually in a partnership between Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group and an existing phone company. Virgin Group licences the brand, and the partner phone company operates the network infrastructure.
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Guess the Logo : 1012

Hint: Old logo of a now bankrupt company
Answer: Eastman Kodak Company
Eastman Kodak Company (OTCQB: EKDKQ), commonly known as Kodak, is an American multinational imaging and photographic equipment, materials and services company headquartered in Rochester, New York, United States and incorporated in New Jersey. It was founded by George Eastman in 1889.
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Guess the Logo : 1011

Hint: The original "Akash"
Answer: One Laptop per Child (OLPC)
One Laptop per Child (OLPC) is a project supported by the Miami-based One Laptop per Child Association (OLPCA) and the Cambridge-based OLPC Foundation (OLPCF), two U.S. non-profit organizations set up to oversee the creation of affordable educational devices for use in the developing world. The project was originally funded by member organizations such as AMD, Chimei, eBay, Google, Marvell, News Corporation, Nortel, Red Hat, and Quanta.
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Guess the Logo : 1010

Hint: Buffet is the owner
Answer: Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen, often abbreviated DQ, is a chain of soft serve and fast food restaurants owned by International Dairy Queen, Inc, which also owns Orange Julius and Karmelkorn. The name "Dairy Queen" is taken from the name of their soft serve product, which the company refers to as "Dairy Queen" or "DQ". The first Dairy Queen store opened in 1940 in Joliet, Illinois. The company's corporate offices are located in Edina, Minnesota.
Berkshire Hathaway owns this chain.

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Guess the Logo : 1009

Hint: Bankrupt retail chain
Answer: Subhiksha
Subhiksha was an Indian retail chain with 1600 outlets selling groceries, fruits, vegetables, medicines and mobile phones. It began operations in 1997, and was closed down in 2009 owing to financial mismanagement and a severe cash crunch.

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Guess the Logo : 1008

Hint: Old logo of retail chain
Answer: Woolworths Group plc
Woolworths Group plc was a listed British company that owned the high-street retail chain, Woolworths, as well as other brands such as the entertainment distributor Entertainment UK and book and resource distributor Bertram Books. The Woolworths store chain, which had more than 800 stores at its peak, was the main enterprise of the group, selling many goods and having its own LadyBird children's clothing ranges, Chad Valley toys and the WorthIt! value ranges. The chain was the UK's leading supplier of Candyking "pick 'n' mix" sweets. It was also sometimes referred to as "Woolies" by the UK media and the general public.

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Guess the Logo : 1007

Hint: The smile is no longer with us
Answer: Eastman Kodak Company
Eastman Kodak Company (OTCQB: EKDKQ), commonly known as Kodak, is an American multinational imaging and photographic equipment, materials and services company headquartered in Rochester, New York, United States and incorporated in New Jersey. It was founded by George Eastman in 1889.
Kodak is best known for its wide range of photographic film products. During most of the 20th century Kodak held a dominant position in photographic film, and in 1976 had a 90% market share of photographic film sales in the United States. The company's ubiquity was such that its tagline "Kodak moment" entered common lexicon as a personal event that demanded to be recorded for posterity.
On January 19, 2012, Kodak filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and obtained a $950 million, 18-month credit facility from Citigroup to enable it to continue trading.
On February 9, 2012 Kodak said that it will stop making digital cameras, pocket video cameras and digital picture frames in the first half of 2012. Kodak will focus on photo printing, through retail and online services as well as desktop inkjet devices and will instead license its brand name to other camera manufacturers.

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Guess the Logo : 1006

Hint: Retail
Answer: Argos
Argos is the largest general-goods retailer in the United Kingdom and Ireland with over 800 stores. It is unique amongst major retailers in the UK in that it is a catalogue merchant. It primarily displays goods by catalogue, from which customers make their selections to purchase, pay, and then collect the items from an in-store collection desk or have the item delivered to their home, similar to defunct US retailer Montgomery Ward. Together with sister company Homebase, it today forms part of the Home Retail Group.
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Guess the Logo : 1005

Hint: Retail chain
Answer: Best Price Modern Wholesale
JV between Bharti Enterprise and the Walmart.

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Guess the Logo : 1004

Hint: Adult toys and clothing
Answer: Ann Summers
Ann Summers is a British multinational retailer company specialising in sex toys and lingerie, with over 140 high street stores in the UK, Ireland, the Channel Islands and Spain. In 2000, Ann Summers acquired the Knickerbox brand, a label with an emphasis on more comfortable and feminine underwear, while the Ann Summers-labeled products tend to be more sexual in style. 

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Guess the Logo : 1003

Hint: Fastfood chain
Answer: California Pizza Kitchen
California Pizza Kitchen (NASDAQ: CPKI), known within the food industry as CPK, is a casual dining restaurant chain that specializes in California-style pizza. The restaurant was started in 1985 by attorneys Rick Rosenfield and Larry Flax in Beverly Hills, California, United States.

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Guess the Logo : 1002

Hint: Paints
Answer: Dulux
Dulux is an internationally available brand of paint. It is produced by AkzoNobel (formerly Imperial Chemical Industries). The brand name Dulux has been used by both ICI and DuPont since 1931 and was one of the first alkyd-based paint.

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Guess the Logo : 1001

Hint: Insurance company. Recently a big bank sold off its insurance assets.
Answer: Direct Line
Direct Line is part of the RBS Insurance division of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group that specialises in selling insurance and other financial services over the phone and internet.
It was the first telephone insurer in the UK when launched in 1985 by founder Peter Wood.
Direct Line was effectively nationalised alongside RBS in November 2008 during the banking crisis, due to the financial crisis, and RBS's dependency on UK taxpayers' money.

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Time to open the champagne....

My blog completed 1000 days today. Its a no mean achievement considering that even I never thought I will be able to sustain this blog for so long. Actually, when I started this sometime in 2009 I thought it will be great if I am able to maintain this blog even for a year. But today, its almost 3 years this blog is up and running and the even better thing is there was not a single day when a logo was not posted.

All this would not have been possible without your support. I am grateful to everyone who visited this blog. Every comment kept me going and was a sort of encouragement for me to keep posting.

Thanks a lot everyone for their continued support and encouragement. I hope that you will be there with me for many more logos but now its time to open the champagne and celebrate.....
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Guess the Logo : 1000

Hint: Every kid has one.
Answer: DC Comics, Inc.
DC Comics, Inc. (founded in 1934 as National Allied Publications) is one of the largest and most successful companies operating in the market for American comic books and related media. It is the publishing unit of DC Entertainment a company of Warner Bros. Entertainment, which itself is owned by Time Warner. DC Comics produces material featuring a large number of well-known characters, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Robin, Aquaman, Nightwing, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern and the Flash.
The initials "DC" came from the company's popular series Detective Comics, which featured Batman's debut and subsequently became part of the company's name. The title can be considered a redundant initialism.

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Guess the Logo : 999

Hint: Lifetiles
Answer: Windows 8
Windows 8 is the upcoming version of Microsoft Windows that follows Windows 7. It features a new Metro-style interface that is designed for touchscreen, mouse, keyboard, and pen input. It also adds support for the ARM processor architecture in addition to the previously supported x86 microprocessors from Intel and AMD.

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Guess the Logo : 998

Hint: Gaming console
Answer: Wii U
The Wii U is an upcoming video game console by Nintendo, and is the successor to the Wii. The system was unveiled during Nintendo's press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011 on June 7, 2011, and is expected to be released in the holiday season of 2012 in North America, Europe, and Japan. The console has been described as belonging to the eighth generation of video game consoles.

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Guess the Logo : 997

Hint: The original hot hatch
Answer:  Mini Cooper's badge
The Mini is a small car that was made by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) and its successors from 1959 until 2000. The original is considered a British icon of the 1960s, and its space-saving front-wheel-drive layout (which allowed 80% of the area of the car's floorpan to be used for passengers and luggage) influenced a generation of car-makers. The vehicle is in some ways considered the British equivalent to its German contemporary, the Volkswagen Beetle, which enjoyed similar popularity in North America. In 1999 the Mini was voted the second most influential car of the 20th century, behind the Ford Model T.

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Guess the Logo : 996

Hint: Gumboots
Answer: Aigle
Aigle is a French footwear and textile company founded in 1853[1] as the Compagnie du Caoutchouc Souple (Flexible Rubber Company) in Montargis (France) by the American businessman Hiram Hutchinson.
This company is famous for inventing Gum boots.

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Guess the Logo : 995

Hint: Retail stores
Answer: Home Retail Group plc
Home Retail Group plc (LSE: HOME) is a holding company for the UK and Republic of Ireland retailers Argos and Homebase. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.
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Guess the Logo : 994

Hint: Baichung Bhutia
Answer: United Sikkim Football Club
United Sikkim Football Club is an Indian football club based in Sikkim in northeast India. The club is currently participating in the I-League 2nd Division. Despite playing in the I-League 2nd Division, the club had managed to sign two Indian international players in Renedy Singh and Sushil Kumar Singh in addition to the former Indian captain, Baichung Bhutia, who is also one of the co-owners of the team.

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Guess the Logo : 993

Hint: Sports Association
Answer: The Asian Football Confederation (AFC)
The Asian Football Confederation (AFC), is the governing body of association football in Asia. It has 46 member countries, mostly located on the Asian continent

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